Radiation Guard

radguard underwear for brachytherapy seed patientsFor prostate cancer patients

Atlantic Nuclear now offers the Radiation Guard designed specifically for patients who have undergone permanent radioactive seed implantation for prostate cancer. The radioactive seeds are either Iodine-125 or Palladium-103. The Radiation Guard reduces the radiation emitted by Palladium radiation and Iodine by a factor of ten. Loved ones will now be able to spend unrestricted time near you while you are wearing this garment. It is comfortable, lightweight, HAND washable (not machine washable) and can be worn over existing underwear. Regular size fits 39 inches and below. Extra large fits waist sizes 40 - 45 inches. The garment will not fit patients with waist sizes over 45 inches. Please be aware, there are NO RETURNS.

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Radiation Guard $167.00
Radiation Guard w/ Extension straps $172.00

Ground $35
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